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Sarah, the '80 Citation, and the self feeding energy cycle

Dear Tom and Ray,

Last night I had a dream that a couple mechanics stole my car (a 1980 Citation - who would steal that on purpose?!?) and started fixing it without my permission.

When I went to confront them, they showed me this cool new thing they were putting in the engine - I have no clue what it was, but it had 3 small box-like components that were placed into some sort of goo, and created a self feeding energy cycle...then I woke up. What does this mean?

Sarah K.

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Dear Sarah,

First, let's take the word Citation. Now, I realize you drive a Citation in "real life," but that doesn't mean it's not also symbolic. A citation is an award, recognition, a pat on the back---maybe your dream thinks your car (you) might be worth more than you think. On the other hand, a citation is also a summons---maybe it's a warning you need to slow down, on the road or in your life? (Given that you drive a Citation, I'd say it's in your life.)

However, your dream could refer to another kind of summons---from, as it were, higher forces. Your "mechanics" could be dream-representations of what the ancient Greeks referred to as deus ex machina---literally, the "god from the machine." And what are your dream-mechanics fixing? On one level, your engine---let's call it your motor of life, your psychic drivetrain. Your car/self may seem humble on the outside, but under the hood, you've got three components (note the powerful trinity symbol) that make your engine---your life-force---self-sustaining. I would take this, perhaps, as a herald of a new self-sufficiency and personal efficacy. You should open the throttle wide and see what this baby'll do.



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