Dreaming of...Car Talk?


Broadcasting this week from... the broom closet?

Dear Guys,

Recently, I had a dream that I was invited to appear, or whatever the radio equivalent is, on your show. I was led to what I thought would be a plush, high-tech studio like Imus in the Morning. Instead I was lead into a janitor's closet where you two were sitting on folding chairs with Dougie Berman and a telephone situated in the middle of the room on the floor. What do you think Freud would make of this?

Your trusted, but perplexed, fan in Steamboat Springs

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Dear Perplexed,

Freud would probably say this means you want to kill your father and have sex with your Mom (don't ask). But Jung might say this is a classic compensatory dream. Our dreams are kind of like inner seesaws---if some attitude we have sits too heavily on one end of the psyche, the other end goes up; if, on the other hand, our way of looking at the world or ourselves is too "lightweight,"too lofty, then what goes up must come back down---down to earth. Sometimes our expectations land with a thud.

In your waking life, you imagine these big media stars in spiffy professional digs, but in your dream you're surprised to find their set-up as modest and bare-bones as can be. Since dreams always have to do with your own issues (after all, you're the guest on the show), you might ask yourself in what area of life your expectations have become overblown. Where have you've become a little "inflated" in terms of your notion of your place in the scheme of things? Here you are in a janitor's broom closet. A janitor sweeps and mops and repairs: Ask what in your life needs to be cleaned-up? A janitor is also known as a "maintenance man." In our desire to forge ahead, to climb up in the world, we often forget the ground-level, day-to-day task of maintenance----whether it be in our careers, relationships, or health---that is the real key to success in life.



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