Dreaming of...Car Talk?


Shameless Commerce While Sleeping

Dear Tom and Ray,

My husband actually woke up laughing the other night. He dreamt that the Car Talk boys were advertising a new product available from their web site. It was a device you could use to find out if you had done the right thing. It worked only after you did the thing, and then it would tell you if you did it right! Kind of a crystal ball in reverse?


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Dear Sharon,

Your husband's dream strikes me as a jokey comment about the human condition itself. Everyone, even the most astute car guys (I'd venture your hubbie thinks Tom and Ray have a hotline to The God of Small Things) has to make decisions based on incomplete information. So it's pretty funny that this gizmo only tells you after the fact; I mean, thanks a lot.

Your husband's dream perhaps reflects a longing for measurable standards in an uncertain world. "Right" is a pretty relative concept. Knowing how dreams love to monkeywrench our preconceptions, I wonder if this one isn't suggesting your husband reexamine the whole idea of "getting it right." After all, there's another connotation to the word right----righteous, honorable; the idea of "doing the right thing." How do we know when we're ethically on track? As it happens, we human beings have a pretty accurate piece of built-in equipment---our own gut. When that fails, there's also this back-up, anti-pollution device known as a conscience.



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