Sprucing up a paint job without repainting.

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Dear Car Talk | Feb 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

Do you have any advice for shining up a gray Ford Econoline? The roof and hood are very dull, and now they are under several layers of wax, none of which shined up the paint. How do I strip off the old stuff to get down to the bottom? Can you give me a brand name?

TOM: Sure, I'll give you two: Earl Scheib and Maaco.

RAY: Actually, before you have it repainted, you can try a can of DuPont Polishing Compound. That stuff removes the top, oxidized layers of paint. Of course, if that oxidized layer is your LAST layer of paint, then the van will be shiny, but the shine will be coming from the bare metal.

TOM: Alternatively, can also have a body shop compound and then wax it for you.

RAY: But when you find out how much that costs, you might just decide to go into Maaco or Earl Scheib and get one of their "economy" paint jobs.

TOM: One suggestion, though. Offer to pay extra if necessary to get them to roll up the windows before they spray on the paint. It'll be money well spent.

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