Do Opposites Attract... For Cars?

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Staff Blog | Jul 20, 2012

Last week on the show, we heard from Jim in Olympia, Washington, with the curious case of five exes who had one thing in common -- they all drove Volkswagens!

Jim’s question for Tom and Ray? Just what does that odd fact say about him? (If you missed the call, you can catch it right here.)

Tom and Ray’s thoughts? Opposites attract! Jim’s Toyota Avalon represents dependability -- unlike the VWs his many exes were driving.

What do you think?  Do automotive opposites attract when it comes to dating? What does your partner drive? Share your thoughts right here!

And get a load of these happy couples:

Should only be a problem when we go out dancing. (Flickr images by David Guo's Master and dok1)
As long as you put on a clean shirt when we go out! (Flickr images by Dattodesign and FotoSleuth)
Separate bank accounts. (Flickr images by ~Prescott and dave_7)

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