Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

Dear Tom and Ray:

I was listening to your show on WUOM here in Ann Arbor today (Ann Arbor, the Harvard of the Midwest!) when I heard that poor fellow inquire about how to meet women while stopped at an intersection. It prompted me to recall how I had met my dear wife of these many years through the good offices of my old English sheep dog.

As it developed, I had noticed that an attractive young lady would walk past my apartment daily, but I was too shy to approach her directly. It hit upon me one day to facilitate an introduction by letting my rather large and affectionate old English sheep dog out of the apartment just as she was passing. The dog quite naturally ran out and jumped up, trying to lick her face, and then I ran after the dog offering my apologies and offering to redress any damage. I am not sure how well this technique would translate to an intersection where vehicles were stopped, but it worked well for me.

Love your show.

Ann Arbor

P.S. On the show with the call-in from the astronaut, I am surprised he did not mention the fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror of the shuttle! I was monitoring that flight via and the dice were clearly visible. Those MIT guys--you just can't keep them down to earth!

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