Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

On this week's show you talked about love on the expressway of life. I have discovered a better pickup than the puppy you guys lamely call irresistible. I was fortunate enought to be the proud father of twins. When I went to the mall or other public places with my wife I was always surrounded by great women wanting to see the babies. I noticed a great opportunity that, being married, I was unable to take advantage of. I told my brother-in-law, who is a single professional or maybe a professional single, that I would lend him the twins for a few hours on a Saturday to take to the mall and would even guarantee at least two good phone numbers for his efforts. I could see him surrounded by women. He could let them know that he is a single professional who loves kids and wanted to spend the day with his nieces. What a great line--it reeks with sensitivity, commitment and those other qualities women think men do not have. Unfortunately he never tried it and the twins are now too old to get the attention (there is a short window of opportunity with babies).

The dog routine that you guys think is unbeatable will never work. Dog lovers just never seem to give any attention to anything that does not have fur all over its body and a cold nose. I have never had both conditions at the same time.

Ron Hale

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