Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

True story:

My friend Mark drives a red Celica convertible. New. Shiny. Great sound, perfect canyon-cruising car--the whole bit. He was on his way over to my house to barbeque one summer's eve, and stopped at the grocery store on his way. Warm evening, top down. Short errand. Walked out of the grocery store to find an attractive blonde woman sitting in the Celica. He looked around: Yup...that was indeed his car. As he got closer, she batted her eyes. He said with a smile, "What are you doing?" She replied, coyly, "Winning a bet! My friend and I wanted to see who owned this car, and she bet me I couldn't find out. Here's my number...give me a call." And with that, she danced out of the Celica and over to her giggling friend. Mark is married now (we were just friends...really, Mom), still has the Celica (still shiny), and still tells the story. Enjoy!

Kathy B. Fort Collins, Colorado

P.S. I have a golden works like a charm! Every time!

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