Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

I know this is a week late, but, hell, some of us have real jobs. You were asking for help on how to pick up girls in traffic jams. I can attest to a true story of a friend of mine, who met his (now-ex) wife in a traffic jam in London.

Sometime back around 1973 a friend of mine, Rick Hughes, a wild man by any standards, was stuck in a slow-moving jam in London. In the adjacent lane to him was an extremely attractive young lady. They kept moving apart, then coming up alongside each other, as their individual lanes crept forward at different times. Rick, being a testosterone bomb, noticed the young lady and managed to make eye contact with her on several occasions. He sort of raised his eyebrows and sighed to indicate his frustration with the lack of (vehicular) progress, and she acknowledged back to him in agreement.

Eventually they both drew alongside a pub. He, deciding the traffic was going nowhere, pointed to the pub and motioned a drinking action with his hand. She nodded in agreement, and they both pulled out of the jam into the parking lot and went into the pub.

They were married three weeks later.

This is not a tall tale; it actually happened. I could tell you wilder and less likely true stories about this particular individual, but you probably couldn't repeat them on the air...

So, the answer to What is the pickup line? You don't need one, just good looks and acting ability.

Will Hartje (no--it's pronounced Har-chee, you dummies)

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