Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

Gentlemen (ha ha),

Last week on your program, a guy wanted to know how to pick up women in a traffic jam. You goofed by telling him to get a puppy, which grows up to be a dog. Which you have to feed, pet, walk, take to the vet--a real pain in the butt. But I have the answer--A HAND PUPPET. I've been using them for years. You always get a smile and sometimes even more. I drive a truck and have several puppets with me all the time: a puppy, Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog. Over the years, I sorta got this routine down to a science. You have to look straight ahead while working the puppet to your side. After a few seconds you look over to see if ya have a response. I know in a few weeks, I'll be seeing puppets at every traffic jam, knowing how many people listen to your show.

Keep up the good work

Fred Clemens

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