Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

hi guys,

last weekend i was able to fulfill a fantasy--and it's all because of you (or, more properly, your personals). the love i thought i'd never find and i sat in my house and listened to you together. the first caller (kathy) could have been me. don and i met on your site--and after several hundred e-mail messages, four or five phone calls and an exchange of photographs, we decided we should meet. we already knew we were soul mates--and we owe it to you guys. of course, kathy thought she had a problem (64 squareback is in california; she's in arizona). wrong! try california (him--NOT the same guy, though) and georgia. your advice to kathy goes double for me--i'm packing my bags next friday...

thanks again, and keep up the good work!

marsha shea

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