Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

Just this evening a girlfriend of mine told me that she had met a guy on the highway after checking out his white late-model BMW 5-series. Apparently, they exchanged glances while passing each other alternately for a couple of miles. Soon they came upon a tollbooth, and the guy proceeded through first. When my friend passed through the same booth immediately after him, the toll taker informed her that the guy had already paid for her toll with the wish of "Happy Valentine's Day."

A few miles down the road she had passed him and took a random exit to see if he would follow. He did, and after a short discussion, they then proceeded to a local bar for a few drinks and conversation. They plan to get together again soon.

So, pay a lady's toll and ask the toll taker (who will no doubt welcome the break in monotony) to relay your pickup line. See if she bites, as my friend did.

Ed Coughlin

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