Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

In response to the guy looking for good ways to meet girls while caught in traffic....

A guy who wants to attract girls' attention should plaster his bumpers with sensitive, intelligent, thought-provoking and/or pro-women's-issues bumper stickers. Slogans on the order of "I Have Feelings, Too" or "This Man Is Not Ashamed to Cry" or "Honk if You Love Pandas" (Children/Sunsets...whatever) would certainly be a good start. Even if the guy does not have a dog, he can still sport a bumper sticker that says "I Love My Lab" (Golden, Newfie...whatever). Environmental bumper stickers are good, too. My personal favorite is "Love Your Mother" featuring a blue and green globe. Alternatively, rather than going the sensitive route--the guy can advertise his prowess as a money maker with a Harvard or Stanford bumper sticker. So what if his real alma mater is the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople--the Harvard bumper sticker will be a good conversation starter. Of course, this ploy works best if stuck to a "high class" car rather than a Pontiac Firebird.

Jane from Northbrook, IL

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