Dating Handbook: Pickup Lines and Driving Stories

1. Excuse me, ma'am, we're going to have to ask you to turn down the wattage on that smile; you're blinding the other drivers.

2. Race you to the next light!

3. Hi! I'm from out of town and lost...could you show me the way to your house?

4. The best response is a smile, you may then (and only then) say something non-threatening and friendly, such as "hi."

5. I noticed your right front tire is a little low. You should check it out right away, or you could have a blowout.

6. Did you have your car custom painted to match your eyes? Because they are both the most beautiful shade of _______ (insert color) I've seen, and in this light, you seem to shimmer.

7. You wanna pet my puppy?

8. Excuse me. Do you believe in love at first site? And if not, would you mind waiting here while I drive around the block?

9. Bond...James Bond.

10. Did YOU invite all these people?

11. Use a "decoy baby," and let it be known you are helping a friend ("Ah...nice guy") by watching her baby ("oooh...not his baby")...then ask for directions to the nearest park!

12. Look at her, smile, close your eyes, and tap your chest (hand flat) in a representation of an elevated cardiac response to her beauty.

13. Excuse me, miss, my car phone is on the fritz. May I please borrow yours to call my broker to initiate an urgent trade?

14. Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

15. Hey babe, check your oil?

16. Hello. I'm sorry but I'm lost. Can you show me the road to happiness?

17. I'm on my way to the pet store to pick out a new puppy... would you like to help me?

18. Hi. I just heard on the traffic report that traffic is slow moving at (your location) because drivers were being distracted near a (model/color of her car). You really should make an effort to be a little less attractive before you go out at rush hour.

19. After sighting the object of your vehicular desire. Get in front of her in the toll lane and pay her toll. Instruct the toll collector to inform her that "The incredibly charming guy in the (color & make of car) paid your toll for you!

20. Hey baby! I got the biggest exhaust pipe you'll ever see!

21. Can I buy you a tank of gas?

22. Need a jump?

23. You know, I was having a really rotten day until you smiled at me. Can I buy you lunch as a thank you?

24. I hate sitting in traffic like this, don't you? Let's get off at the next exit and have dinner while we wait this out. I'll just follow you. You pick the restaurant!

25. Excuse me, are you Swedish? 'Cause you're the Swedish thing I've ever seen.

26. I'll race you to (insert the name of a nice restaurant in town). Whoever wins has to let me pay the check.

27. Do you know if there is a Starbucks near-by? When she says yes, simply add, May I buy you a cup of coffee to show my appreciation?

28. Hey, do you like your car? I was thinking of getting one for my mom.

29. Hey pull over, your car is on Fire!

30. Come here often?

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