Dash Cammes Film Festival

Last week, we asked Car Talk fans around the world to send us their favorite footage from dashboard-mounted cameras.

Your nominations were carefully reviewed by the Dash Cammes Committee.

Now, it’s time to debut the winners!

You can check out the schedule right here. Then, fire up the popcorn maker, and settle in for a weekend of some of the best dash cam films, anywhere!

For Car Talk’s Dash Cammes Festival,

Francis Ford Cupholda
Dash Cammes 2013

Category: Original Story

Nominated by: Jon Woodward

and the winner is...

Category: Soundtrack

and the winner is...

Category: Live Action Short

Nominated by: Sonia Dlcw
(The RSPCA assures us that no cows were harmed in the filming of this video.)

and the winner is...

Category: Foreign Language Film

Nominated by: Janice Van Dyke
No members of the animal kingdom were harmed during the making of this film. Some members of the genus and species H. sapiens may consider quitting driving forever, however.
Caution: Contains Strong (If Barely Comprehensible) Language.

and the winner is...

Category: Screenplay

From the editors: Yeah, we know this one was staged… that’s why it won the screenplay category!

and the winner is...

The 2013 Car Talk Dash Cammes Film Festival will be right back, after these important Public Service Announcements.

Public service tip #1: Never cut off an 18-wheeler!
Filmed, directed and driven by Car Talk Fan Deborah Lipsitz.

Public service tip #2: repeat your mantra and remain cool, when dealing with distracted drivers.
Nominated by Jerry Forney Jr.

Category: Documentary Feature

Nominated by: Amanda Reynolds

and the winner is...

Category: Visual Effects

Here are the nominees. After multiple rounds of voting, the judges continued to tie. So, you decide! Tell us your favorite in the comments section, below. We’ll announce the winner on Facebook tomorrow.

Nominated by Don Senda

Nominated by: Michael Davidson Jr.

Category: Makeup and Hairstyling

and the winner is...

Category: Feline Films

It has also come to our attention that we will break the internet if we attempt to screen a film festival with no cat videos. We are obliged then, to present our Dash Cammes Film Festival winner in the Feline Films category.

and the winner is... Dash Cat

Category: Costume Design

and the winner is...

Category: Important Films We Wanted You to Know About (but were too lazy to come up with a category for.)

Nominated by: Donavan Myrie

and the winner is...

Category: Best Actress

and the winner is...

Category: Best Actor

and the winner is...

Grand Prix: Best Picture

Nominated by: David Southern

and the winner is...