A convertible pick-up truck...is there such a gem?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jul 01, 1991

Dear Tom and Ray:

With the popularity of silly looking little pick up trucks with all kind of brightly colored things hanging off them, doesn't it seem odd that nobody makes a convertible pick up truck yet? Ford used to make ragtop trucks in the '20s. But it seems like a natural next step to all these pink wiper blades with wings on them. Do you know of any convertible pick ups?

RAY: You're a year too late, Dave. Dodge was selling a convertible version of the Dakota pick up truck until last year. It went over great with the beach crowd, but Dodge had some unanticipated problems with it's traditional pick-up truck buyers. It seems that farmers who rode around with the top down we're succumbing to manure vapors in record numbers.

TOM: Actually, they simply discontinued it due to weak sales. And it's too bad, because it was a great looking truck. You should see if you can find a used one, Dave. You'll love it.

RAY: You might love it, Dave, but you should take my brother's advice with a grain of salt. He'd buy anything with a top that goes down. He'd even buy a garbage truck if it had a convertible top. In fact, I think that's what he's driving now.

TOM: Watch it, Piston Puss. That's my magnificent '63 Dodge Dart convertible you're making fun of!

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