Complain, complain...

Roger R.
Hamden, Connecticut 06517

Ms. Suzanne Bona, Program Director
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06432

Dear Ms. Bona:

I am writing as a member of WSHU to protest your inclusion of "Car Talk" in your programming and also in the station's fund-raising campaigns. This program in my opinion represents the worst of hard-sell and sexist vulgarity that one finds on commercial radio and had hoped not to hear on public radio.

"Car Talk" is deplorable and cannot be intended for discriminating listeners to whom your appeal is apparently pitched in your pledge campaigns.

I do hope you will remove it from your programming, for otherwise I may have to reconsider my contribution to WSHU.

Please let me have an answer to this protest.

Very truly yours,

Roger R.

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