A Community of Tow'ers

March 14, 2001

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
c/o The Virginian-Pilot
Brambleton Avenue
Norfolk, VA

RE: "Towing GMC pickup after fuel pump failure only compounds the problem", The Virginian-Pilot, Automotive Classified, Sunday, March 11, 2001

Dear Tom and Ray:

Usually your column is relatively interesting and informative. However, as a local towing service, we found Tom's stab at humor in the column Sunday quite offensive. While the problem may have been towing-related, the comment that "...he was scooping the change out of your ashtray" was unprofessional. Characterizing the tow truck driver as a thief is only perpetuating a stereotype that we have worked for 20 years to change. Our drivers are all men with families, most with children. They try to set a good example for their kids, they take pride in their jobs and they try to make a decent living. There are bound to be bad apples in all businesses, including the media and the automotive industry, but making judgments without basis is unethical.


David H. Friedman
Century Towing Service, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA

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