Chevrolet Volt (2013)

Chevrolet Volt (2013)

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  • Pros

  • The Volt is largely unchanged from prior years, be sure to check out our review of the 2011 model. What's new for 2013? Well, in addition to those in our earlier review...

  • The much-needed rear wiper was added in 2012.
  • Lane departure warning, collision alert are now standard.
  • Rear camera available as part of an optional Park Assist package. We recommend it.
  • There’s a small bump up in EV driving range over prior years, up 3 miles to 38.
  • A new "Hold" mode helps to conserve battery charge for later use. How's it work? When the Volt's in "Hold" mode, it'll make more use of the gasoline generator, saving the batteries for later. You might want that if you’re heading into a city, and want to use the battery power in stop-and-go driving, where it’s more efficient. Or if you’re heading out on a hot date, and want to sneak back up the driveway later without waking up your husband.
  • Navigation is now available as an option. Heated seats are available as part of the leather seating package.
  • Cons

  • In addition to those in our earlier review

  • $7,500 Federal tax credit won't last forever. Like the hybrids, it will be gone after Chevrolet reaches 50,000 in sales. If you're hot to get one, don't dawdle.
  • Even with the tax credit, this is a pricey investment in your green-ness, despite the impressive technology.
Test Drive Notes Library

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