Car Talk's Guide to Favorite Car Apps

What are the best car-related apps out there?

To find out, we turned to you, our loyal Car Talk visitors!

Here’s a sampling of your favorites, compiled by Car Talk staff in a semi-pseudo-scientific way. We hope this rundown is helpful.

Have you used one of these apps? Let us know what you think. Know one in the same category that does the same thing, only better, in your humble opinion? We want to hear about that one, too.

Share your suggestions in the comments section for each app, or in our humungous, on-going app discussion, below.



Top Picks


Category: Maintenance

Car Talk listeners liked aCar for Android for tracking basic car maintenance. Read review and comment



Category: Service

Car Talk listeners recommend RepairPal for Android, and iPhone to help you get a rough estimate... Read review and comment


Breakdown Lane from Car Talk

Category: Breakdowns

It goes without saying that our fans have lousy taste in radio, but apparently their judgment is skewed when it comes to apps... Read review and comment


Rev, Torque, Carbonga

Category: DIY

A lot of Car Talk listeners are excited about these apps, and for good reason. Read review and comment


Carrr Matey

Category: Parking

There are lots of apps out there that help you keep track of where you left your car, but Carrr Matey's pirate-themed take on parking won the hearts of Car Talk visitors. Read review and comment



Category: Fueling Up

GasBuddy is built for Android and iPhone. The app tells you the location of the nearest gas station and which has the best prices in the 'hood.  Read review and comment



Category: Accidents

Car Talk listeners liked iWrecked for Android and iPhone ... though, of course, we hope they'll never need it. Read review and comment



Category: Carpooling

Whether you’re trying to save on money, reduce your carbon footprint, or both, Toogethr for Android is a great way to coordinate your carpool. Read review and comment



Category: Parking

City dwellers rejoice! Parker provides live street parking availability as well as lot and garage information. Read review and comment



Category: Car Sharing

Not having a car is no longer an excuse to ignore car apps, now that car sharing has joined the big leagues. Read review and comment

Category: Car Shopping

Apps from and Kelly Blue Book allow used car buyers to research their choices right from the lot. Read review and comment


Google Maps

Category: Navigation

Google Maps for Android and iPhone is still the hands down winner for navigation among Car Talk listeners... Read review and comment



Category: Traffic Conditions

There are always several routes that you could take to get from point A to point B, but unless you're psychic, how do you decide which way you should go? Read review and comment


Noteworthy Apps

Where to Wee

Category: Urgent Pit Stops

Car Talk listeners like Where to Wee Restroom Locator for iPhone and Android. The app detects your location and suggests nearby restrooms. Read review and comment



Category: Keeping the kids quiet

There were several nominees in a category we like to think of as "Keeping the kids quiet and the driver happy." Read review and comment



Category: Public-Spirited Citizen

In the good citizen department, Car Talk listeners use SeeClickFix for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone to report issues like potholes, missing or broken signs and lights, and traffic pattern problems to their local governments. Read review and comment


Craftsman Garage Door

Category: Absent-mindedness

Much more than a glorified garage remote, Craftsman Garage Door can actually tell you if left your garage open in your rush to get the kids to their pan flute classes. Read review and comment



Category: Driving

Breathometer won’t tell you if you're suffering from a toxic case of halitosis, but it will offer an accurate read of your blood alcohol concentration. Read review and comment