Car Talk Theme Tune, Now Digitally Remastered!

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Staff Blog | Jul 29, 2011

Like the Car Talk theme tune? A lot of listeners tell us it's the best part of the show. We're not sure we'd disagree.

Well, we love David Grisman's Dawggy Mountain Breakdown," too, and we thought you'd like to know a bit of exciting news about those melodious bluegrass notes. (Haven't had it drilled into your cerebral cortex quite enough? Listen again!)

The album, Dawg Jazz Dawg Grass, has been out of print for years, but we just learned that it's coming back! There's a digitally remastered version coming out from the folks at at Acoustic Oasis Music. (Of course, we had to wonder if it really takes 20 years to digitally remaster an album or if that's just music producer code for "we finally found the master tapes down in David's basement!")

Car Talk highly recommends this great album from a remarkable performer and a longtime friend. (In fact, David once appeared in a Car Talk production many eons ago. You can hear it here>.)

Finally, you can listen to all of “Dawggy Mountain Breakdown”-- without having our lousy show rudely interrupt it.

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