Car Talk Plaza: Japan Edition

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Staff Blog | Oct 19, 2012

Dear Tom and Ray,

I love your show! Although I live in Japan, I try to listen through U.S. Armed Forces Radio every Saturday at 8 a.m. The radio station is about 200 kilometers away, so the reception I get is very annoying with all the static and such.

As an alternative, I used to climb up on the roof of my house, hoping I might get better reception up there. Still it was not good at all, so I had to be very careful when turning the frequency dial and put my ear to the speaker. 

This obviously attracted the attention of my neighbours. I had to explain to them why I periodically climbed up to the roof of my house early in the morning, tuning into some foreign language broadcast.

Pictured here: Car Talk fan Ryuichi risks lightning strikes to listen to our lousy show.Fortunately, they had known me from when I was a little boy and understood that I was not a spy receiving secret messages, or going crazy on top of my house’s roof... just suppressing giggles.

Then I found out there were many CDs of your show on sale on your web page. I ordered every one of them, and now I listen without the horrible static I had to bear with my radio tapes. No static whatsoever! Isn't that wonderful? 

When I first opened the shipment of CDs, I found a Car Talk Parking Permit Sticker enclosed. I don't know where is your Car Talk Plaza but I proudly put it on the windshield of my '09 Toyota Estima. Even though no one knew what the sticker in English was, I was secretly proud and happy. 

Well, now comes my question. Do you still have any of those Car Talk Parking Permit Stickers? If you do, I would love to buy one. Last year’s tsunami totaled my Toyota, and I had to let it go with the Parking Permit sticker on it. (And I never had a chance to visit Boston, America, to actually use it!)

Ryuichi's new car is missing one thing: the sticker that's in the mail.As of last week I finally found my dream car and bought it. It is a '95 Nissan Patrol. I love the car and I would love it more if I had your Parking Permit Sticker on it, to drive around listening to your CDs with a big smile on my face. So again if you have one I would love to buy one.

Thank you!

Ryuichi Hori
Iwaki, Japan

Talk about dedication! Ryuichi, from all of us at Car Talk Plaza, we think you’ve earned a replacement sticker on the house. It’s in the mail.

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