Car Talk Haiku

Car Talk Haiku

Half steel, half Bondo
After fifteen years my car
Has found true balance.

Brian Steblen


MG TD Parts
Rust and fall by road wayside
Not unlike owner.

Car Talk staff


Naked in repose
Silvery silhouette girls
Adorn my mudflaps

Bill Stevens


Hilltop. Lake below.
My car sinks so slowly. Thank
god it's a rental.

Carlisle Landel


A six-hour drive
Cat yowling loud in the back
Will re-string guitar

TJ Jones


"Check engine" light on.
Unscrew the dash. Stab with pen.
"Check engine" light off.

James Cardillo


Classic red MG,
Hood up, along side the road;
Lucas Electrics.

Jim and Louise


Fifty-six T-bird
I took great pains to restore
Lost in the divorce

TJ Jones