Car Talk Haiku

Car Talk Haiku

Pontiac Lemans
Will pass everything on road
Except gas station

Kraig Stockard


Pony leaps to life
Fifty-something woman's dream
Shiny new Mustang

Susan Kelleher


Rust worms never rest
Devouring all they can
They laugh at Ziebart

Art Wegweiser


Can't find cause of leak
But mechanic needs new boat
Radiator? Sure.

Brendan Joyce


FIAT does not mean
Fix It Again Tony, but
Fling It Around Turns.

Philip Dillard


Car as cathedral
Every time I turn the key
is another prayer.



Car Talk gives advice
Dubious or otherwise
And still I listen

Robert Goldstein


Hey! Right turn allowed
Only after complete stop,
And at your peril.

Ed Lyon


Since upholstery
hides mice, should I buy "used" or
be smart and think twice?

Joanne Schaller


"Are we there yet?"
We've gone five miles. Fifteen years
till kids move out.

John Erbes


Big Ford truck saying
"Jap cars suck", carrying a
Yamaha cycle



It's squealing, grinding --
Dripping, steaming, overheated --
That's just the tape deck

Brad Mettin


What is your horn for?
Watch out! Pay more attention!
Not your frustration.

Jim Ford


My tank is so big,
But my wallet is so small.
I need a hybrid.

David Matheny


Saturday morn, eleven.
Time for Tom and Ray.
Autospeak gobbledygook.

Jo Anne Messina


Maniac passes
flashing lights appear in mirror
Karma is a bitch!

Jeff Schramm


Swedish car dealer
forgot to tighten lug nuts.
So much for safety.

Philip Lippel


Rearview mirror shows
Highway patrol behind me.
How many did I have?

Loren Castro


Starting up Grandma's car
Hasn't been driven since '79
Found Grandpa in back

Kitty Foley


did not lock old car
gaping hole and hanging wires
no more NPR