Car Talk Haiku

Car Talk Haiku

Purr goes the engine.
Gran's Studebaker revs up.
Cat fur flies like snow.

Mike and Vicki Stroeher


There's this funny noise;
it only happens sometimes.
Yeah, lady, sure, sure.

Ann Levison


Hill, curve, oh oh! Ice.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Going too fast.
Snow bank saves my ass.

Bob Thomas


Glistening like new,
fresh wax job like a beacon...
birds perfect their aim.

Jeri Braviroff


A child's a blessing
A sweet promise - unless she's
Just learning to drive.

Bill Littlefield


Today crude oil reached
Sixty dollars a barrel
Farewell, my Hummer.

Car Talk Staff


Four-wheel drive pickup
I remember his last words:
Hold my beer, watch this!

Mike and Vicki Stroeher


A sign up ahead:
"Now Entering Delaware"
Ha! And now? Leaving.