Car Talk Goes to Skid School

Do enough driving, and eventually you'll find yourself staring straight into the headlights of a truck loaded with bovine droppings.

How would you respond? OK... after that unprintable utterance? Would you know how to respond? Would you be able to respond?

Maybe you should practice for just such an emergency?

That's exactly the idea behind advanced driver training (also known as, "Skid School) - to put yourself and your car through some big challenges, so you're ready when the times comes.

What goes on in Skid School?

We wanted you to experience it through the eyes of a first-time driver, so we recruited the first victim we could find - an exuberant and unwitting niece of one our lackeys at Car Talk Plaza. Here's her story.

Yours in avoidance of all sorts,

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

P.S. Thanks for being such a good sport, Jenny. You'll be out of that body cast in no time!