Car Talk Confessional

Have you ever committed an automotive sin of stupidity? Oh yes you have! Time to confess.

This week on Car Talk, we read a letter from Stephen Fairclough, who came to us with a confession. Steve tried to help a neighbor in need, and, well, the conflagration that resulted was pretty damned spectacular. You can hear Tom and Ray read Stephen's tale, and share a few of their own confessions, right here.

Steve's tale, in turn, led to a few rather embarrassing and sordid automotive confessions of our own.

Our blogger pal, Jim Motavalli, also got in on the action this week. Here's his blog post, Five Auto Repair Mishaps: True Stories from My Garage detailing a few automotive repair misadventures.

Yours in coming clean - unless it's to the IRS, of course -

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers