Car Talk CarTunes CD & Liner Notes


About the Artists:

1. Under the Wrench - Red Meat Dedicated to keeping the honky-tonk in country music," Red Meat formed in a garage in San Francisco's Mission District in 1993, and has released three albums.

2. Car and Driver - Bill Morrissey Bill has released ten albums and tours extensively. He's been called "New England's own blues man - not hot and humid Delta blues, but deep snow and sharp pine blues."

3. Horizon - The Arrogant Worms These guys are Canada's "self-proclaimed purveyors of the absurd." The Worms have released half a dozen albums. "Horizon" appears on the cd, "C'est Cheese."

4. Peugeot - Peter Lehndorff Peter lives in Western Massachusetts. "Peugeot" comes from his cd "Love on the Line." www.signature-sounds

5. Twenty Naked Pentecostals in a Pontiac - Cornerstone Writer Chris Stuart assures us this song is based on a true story he read in a "reputable" newspaper. Cornerstone has broken up, and Chris now lives in Del Mar, California. Some of Cornerstone's music is available through Folk Era Recordings.

6. It's a Rental" - Rik Roberts Rik is a stand-up comic from Nashville, and - as you'll hear - he's a pretty good singer/songwriter, too.

7. Grandpa's Advice - Adie Grey Adie Grey resides in Nashville. "Grandpa's Advice" is the title track from her second cd on the Hey Baby! Music label.

8. King of Junk - Eddy Lawrence Eddy is a superb lyricist and has released several albums on his own label, Snowplow Records. (P.O. Box 27, Moira, NY 12957)

9. Push My Car - Weatherheads The Weatherheads hail from Seattle. "Push My Car" comes from their cd "SkinSize."

10. Loose Wheel - Simply Weasels A parody of the Kenny Rogers' "Lucille," this tune generated more mail than every bogus answer we've given in the last five years. Simply Weasel's business cards read, "We're better than we sound."

11. Singin' In My Car - Daniel Lower and the Bloodbrothers Daniel lives in Santa Barbara, California. His debut cd is called "Some Fine Days."

12. Duct Tape Madrigal in CMaj - Lou Nathanson Lou was born in New York City, but has lived in Alaska since 1977. Given this context, his attachment to duct tape makes more sense, doesn't it? Contact Big Mosquito Music, PO Box 773366, Eagle River, AK 99577-3366

13. Auto Service Hell - Eric "Two Scoops" Moore Although we really enjoy Eric's music, we fee we must point out we don't approve of the violent act described against a fellow member of our profession. Eric's bio describes his music as a combination of "mirth and girth."

14. Massachusetts - Greg Greenway Greg moved from North Carolina to Massachusetts several years ago. He still lives on Cape Cod, and has released several cds.

15. Slow in the Left Lane - Betsy in the Gene Pool "Slow in the Left Lane" is the title track from Betsy in the Gene Pool's only album. Since the band split, songwriter Betsy Shatto Dewey has moved to Austin, Texas. Her e-mail address is

16. Cab on Fire - Dork Side of the Tune The people who wrote and performed this parody said they'd be thrilled if we included it in our collection. But there was one airtight condition: We could never, ever, identify them, or, they said, "They'd be swimmin' with the fishes." We thought that was pretty cool. After all, how many musicians do you know who are in the Witness Protection Program? And, of those, how many write great song parodies?

17. You Can't Get There from Here in Jersey - Jason Didner Though it's about New Jersey, Jason's ode could apply to every overdeveloped highway in every sprawling suburb, everywhere. And, yes, Jason does live in New Jersey (Exit 159).

18. My Bloody Yugo - The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group At some point or another, haven't we all wondered, "Who will drive my Yugo when I die?" The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group hails from Minneapolis. Their music crosses a range of styles, from new wave pop to lounge.

19. Mid Life Chrysler - Madverb A Chrysler as a midlife-crisis-mobile? These guys need to get out a little more. Taken from their second album, "PopPopRadio." Contact info:

20. Didn't Say I Love You Right - Ric Seaberg Ric says this song is based on a letter he heard on our show. Ric lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and stepson. He also has two grown daughters and three grandchildren. You can contact him via

21. Click and Clack - The Shady Grove Band At first we were kind of embarrassed to learn that an actual band had written a song about us. But then we heard the song, and we didn't feel so bad. Let us just say that the opinions expressed on this song are those of the artists and do not reflect the views of us, our staff, National Public Radio, the FCC, the United Nations, or the planet Earth.