Car Saves NPR Station

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Staff Blog | Feb 03, 2012

Cars and radio have long had a mutually beneficial relationship.  How many ear-piercing, failing wheel bearings have been covered up by Dylan's gravely rasp?  Quite a few, we'd hazard!

Then, there's the case of  in Columbus, Ohio.  When the station briefly lost power, they stayed on air courtesy of the ingenuity of WCBE's General Manager Dan Mushalko -- and one mighty little Mazda. You can check out the full story, right here.

Nice job, Dan! And if you want to stop by Car Talk Plaza the next time you're in town, we could use your help jump-starting our hosts before the show. Cappuccinos just aren't getting the job done anymore!

Dan Mushalko (Photo by Alison Holm/Courtesey WCBE)
Dan Mushalko (Photo by Alison Holm/Courtesey WCBE)

Thanks to Kathy and Doug, the two loyal listeners who tipped us off to this unique radio-automotive tale!

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