Car Noise Emporium

Noises coming from the rear of the car:
Back Fire: BOOM!
Bad Axle: gulla, gulla, glugluglugluglug
Bad Differential: vooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooo
Differential Noise of Ring and Pinion Gear Mismatched: wnuhhhhhhh
Exhaust Leak: booooooorrrrththth
Faulty Gas Cap: fffffffffah
Final Drive Assembly Cooked from Lack of Oil: mmwuuuhUHuhmmmMMMmmm
Grandma: !@#$%^! !@#$!@! !@#$!@#!
Loose Heat Shield: rrrrrrrrrINGArrINGArrring
Loose Honeycomb in Catalytic Converter: grrrgghgrrrrrggghhhh

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