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Bad Bearing in Timing Belt Tensioner: woh woh woh woh
Bad Turbo: boooOOOOOOooo
Boiling Coolant: bllgh blllgggh blllllgggghh
Brake Booster Failing: hissssssssss ssss ss
Clutch Release Bearing on the Way Out: jee je je jeee
Clutch Screech: screek, screek, screek
Connecting Rod that went through the Engine Block: clicketta clicketta clicketta
Dieseling: blubBLUBblubBLUB
Engine Knock: tuckaTHUCKtuckaTHUCKtucka
Engine Reving Up and Down: vooRRRR, vooRRR, vooRRR
Fly Wheel: gurrEENK, gurrEENK, gurrENK
Loose Belt: YEEeeEEeeEEeeEEeeEEee!
Low Coolant: bwwob bwwwobbubwub
Misfire: puhVRooPuhHoo puhVROOpuhHOO
Power Steering Pump Going: nnnghuh nnnguh
Sticky Lifters: dicka, dicka, dicka, dicka
Transfer Case on the Way Out: glaghhghgghhh woongghhh
Water Pump: grrgula, grrgul,grrgula, vum wum wum wum wum
Weak Battery: wurrrrRRRRrrrrwuRRRrrr
Wiper Transmission Sound: eee eee eeee eeee
Vacuum Leak: vwishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bad Fuel Pump: nnYinn, nnYinn,nnYinnn, nyonnggg, nyongggg, nyonggg
Flaps on Ventilation System Flapping: fluuuh fluuuuh
Mouse: EEK!
Steering Column Squeak: uRR, UrrrrrRR, uR, Urrrrrrrrr, rr, rr
Transfer Case on the Way Out: glaghhghgghhh woongghhh
Water Trapped in Evaporator Drain: bllblblblblblbblblb
Water Trapped in Sunroof Drain: brrub blub blub

Back Fire: BOOM!
Bad Axle: gulla, gulla, glugluglugluglug
Bad Differential: vooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooo
Differential Noise of Ring and Pinion Gear Mismatched: wnuhhhhhhh
Exhaust Leak: booooooorrrrththth
Faulty Gas Cap: fffffffffah
Final Drive Assembly Cooked from Lack of Oil: mmwuuuhUHuhmmmMMMmmm
Grandma: !@#$%^! !@#$!@! !@#$!@#!
Loose Heat Shield: rrrrrrrrrINGArrINGArrring
Loose Honeycomb in Catalytic Converter: grrrgghgrrrrrggghhhh

Squeaky Doors: rrUMP Bmp, rrUMP Bmp.

Bad Ball Joint / Seized Tie Rod: eeeehonk eeeehonk
Bad Tire: floovb, floovb, floovb, vwomp, vwomp, vwomp
Bad Wheel Bearing: vubb vubububub, vubb, vubububub
Ball Bearing on Top of Strut: ohhhh ohh ohhh
Dust Shield on Brake Rotors Worn Away and Rubbing against Rotor: shhhhh och shhhhhh och
Grinding Brakes: geerogherrrr, geerogherrr
Seized Universal Joint: eee eh eee eh eee eh
Warped Disk Rotors: vwahp, vwahp vwup, vwahp.....vwahp.....vwap

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