A Car for Christmas: "Oh My God!!!"

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | Dec 22, 2010

Nobody's ever given me a car for Christmas, but such a generous act would undoubtedly leave me speechless. But if I was a teenage girl, documentary evidence suggests I'd say, "OH MY GOD!" over and over again.

The Christmas car: A holiday tradition with built-in "wow" factor. (Flickr/Andy Peters)The proof is on YouTube, where homemade videos of surprise Christmas (and birthday) car gifts abound, many with shaky cameras at the moment of truth. A red bow is standard fare, and the usual practice is to either put the keys in a box under the tree or lead the unsuspecting recipient to the garage, where the electric door opener reveals the incredible reality of the ultimate holiday surprise.

The cars being gifted here range from a Datsun Z to a Saab, and (with one notable exception) these videos showcase some really warm family moments. And often the videographer doubles as Mom or Dad.

Here's a teenage girl being introduced to her new SUV. Note the moment where she turns the key, nothing happens, and she concludes that her new mount is electric:

Here, another teenager finds her new bow-wrapped Mazda in the garage. "Oh my God! No way!" Yes, way:

Matt says having a Scion under the tree means it's "the best Christmas ever":

It's not just teenagers who get cars for Christmas. Here, a grateful husband celebrates over 20 years of marriage and his wife's college graduation with a Lexus:

"Mom," Alison, is rewarded for a life of selfless devotion to others with a 1971 Datsun 240Z with 66,000 original miles:

And here, Dad, maintains his cool, even in the face of a gift-wrapped Jaguar. "You got me a car?":

But, believe it or not, gratitude isn't universal. Valley Girl MacKenzie's Saab convertible is, unfortunately, red instead of blue:

The moral of all this is, what? Be grateful when somebody gives you a car for Christmas. That shouldn't be too hard, because most people are, in fact, incredibly grateful. Oh my God....

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