Boogers II, the sequel

Carol E.
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27114

Car Talk
P.O. Box 3500
Cambridge, MA 02238

Dear Tom and Ray, My Heroes:

I have just finished listening to today's program and your conversation with the lady who was complaining about (mostly) men picking their noses in their cars on Monday mornings.

Once again, your brilliance has manifested itself and your sensitive and incisive commentary has made me woozy with admiration. (This is why I listen to your program and, in fact, will rearrange my schedule so that I don't ever miss it.) Your analyses were right on the nose. Men DO have forests of nose hairs compared to women. There's nothing like DRY WEATHER (hot or cold) to encourage major booger production in one's nasal passages. People DO feel completely anonymous when they're in their cars and so feel comfortable engaging in all sorts of activities that they would never DREAM of exhibiting "in public." In our household, which consists of me, my husband, Jeff, and our Border Collie, Montag, we refer to the extrication of nasal build-up as "mining," "hitting pay dirt," and "striking the motherlode." (Montag can only observe, as he is too smart and sensitive a creature to engage in these activities.)

Anyone who thinks this is all too grotesque and disgusting for words is not being honest about our national (public AND private) pastime, which is not baseball to be sure and never has been, but rather MBCR-- Manual Booger Control & Removal.

Sincerely (and I really mean that),

Carol* E.

*Not: Caryl, Karel, Carole, Karill, Qarrel P.S. Maybe sometime you could take up the subject of Toe Cheese.

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