Big House Missive


Dear Tom and Ray,

Last week you received a letter from a prisoner from Georgia. Now, that good ole boy proceeded to defame your character, put down the show and badrap the puzzler.

I'm also a prisoner. I'm serving 184 years and although I'm a member of your captive audience, I and my friends not only approve of but look forward to your show every week.

That good ole boy from Georgia's lucky he doesn't get rubbed out like a flyspeck on the Windshield of Life!

Keep up the great work and if you have any further trouble with hate mail, send it my way-- I'll put a stop to it for ya!


Mid-Florida PDC

P.S. Can you send me a the wiring diagram for a 1995 Land Rover, and how to hot wire it. I'm planning a vacation and lost my keys. (Ya right!)

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