Ask Click and Clack: Answers from Car Talk

Should you get an extended warranty? Is nitrogen in your tires the latest scam designed to lighten your wallet, or the best investment since sweet crude futures? And what maintenance work can save you the most money? What can you skip?

In their new collection, Ask Click and Clack, Tom and Ray Magliozzi answer these questions, and nearly 100 more. But that's not all - Ask Click and Clack also comes with Tom and Ray's patented brand of humor that car dealers have come to despise over the years.

In addition to making you snort milk through your nose, this new Car Talk book could actually save you a boat payment or two the next time you step into your local garage waiting room. What a combination, eh?

Our literary lackey, Al Ligori, recently sat down and spoke with Tom and Ray about their new book, Ask Click and Clack: Answers from Car Talk. After that interview, Ligori was perplexed as to why a reputable publisher would agree to put out such a title. So he sat down and had a chat with Kim Romero, an assistant editor at Chronicle Books.

Have a look!