About three months ago I had the right front caliper...

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | May 01, 1994

Dear Tom and Ray:

About three months ago I had the right front caliper replaced on my 1986 Ford Tempo. Since then, the brake light has been coming on every three weeks. Once I check the reservoir (it's always a little low) and add brake fluid, it goes off. Is it possible that when the caliper was replaced something happened to cause the leakage?

TOM: This is always a dilemma for a mechanic, Cale. Customers have a tendency to blame the repair shop for anything that happens to the car after it's been in for service. A guy comes in for an oil change and six month later he gets a flat tire...it must have been the oil change.

RAY: But I think you've got a pretty good case here. If they worked on the calipers three months ago, and ever since then, you've been losing brake fluid, it's a pretty good bet that there is some connection between the two.

TOM: There's a place on the caliper where the brake hose connects, and that connection may be loose. Or, the rebuilt caliper itself could be leaking.

RAY: There is, of course, a slight possibility that there's a leak somewhere else that they didn't see when they replaced the caliper, but the timing of your leak makes that explanation a bit of a stretch.

TOM: Of course, if they manage to convince you of that, and charge you extra to fix the leak, please send us some notes on the story they use. We're always looking for tips.

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