The 2013 4-Door Crisper

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Guest Bloggers | Sep 13, 2013

By Jim Hanna

Here in Santa Monica, California, air conditioning isn't necessary. Both in the home and in the car, we lucky residents manage comfort by raising and lowering windows according to the dictates of the Pacific.

Bored with perfection, we decided to take advantage of a promotional mailer offering three nights at a Palm Springs resort for a great price in exchange for attending a 90-minute sales pitch. What the heck, next to simmering in triple digit desert heat, my favorite thing is watching a time-share finance guy twitch as I try to explain how I make a living.

Check out these numbers: 111, 113, 108. No, those aren't the weights of three runway models after a sushi binge. Yes, those are the temperatures forecast for our stay. The problem? The AC systems in all three of my cars combined could muster a breeze about as cool and refreshing as an exhaling Dentyne chewer. The Solution? A rental.

Enter our hero, our frosty white knight, a sparkling clean late model subcompact. Make doesn't matter, to us it was a 2013 four-door Crisper. Not only did it throw out a frigid blast that would've made Sir Ernest Shackleton reach for a fleece, it got 38mpg doing it. Suweeeet. Wow, my definition of what a "cool" car is sure has changed.

Car Talk wants to know: Have you ever rented a car just for the AC?

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