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They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Mar 16, 2007
An honest man. I took my Jeep in for an oil leak. I was dreading the bad news saying it would be $800 to fix. Charlie called and gave me different news instead: $16.07. It is such a relief to deal with an honest mechanic. I highly recommend.
Nov 21, 1997
Charlie has worked on both of my (Our) jeeps, which both happen to be 1986 Cherokee Laredo, 2.8 L (useless size for an engine), one a 5 speed, the other an automatic (another useless thing to have). As my wife and I live out here where we have lots of room to drive, we do, so the 2 Jeeps have about 300,000 miles between them. As you might guess, things wear out, and Charlie has been quite useful by providing honest opinions of the worth of the repair (do it or leave it be), the probable life of the repair (cheap and short, or more and it will last), and, of course, what he would do if it were his Jeep. In the past, I was foolish enough to use the local dealer, who seems to feel that if he keeps the price of repairs high enough, I will just buy a NEW Jeep instead of fixing the old one. Charlies price for repairs has always managed to stay at or below the price of licensing fees for a new Jeep (did I mention both were paid 4?), mostly using rebuilt parts if available, unless a new part makes economic sense. He is always within a day of his promise delivery date (usually 2 - 3 days max), and everything he has fixed so far has stayed fixed, a definite bonus (not counting brakes and belts, but I figure you are smart enough to know those need to be fixed regular like, say every 100,000 miles or so). I've already said his price is the best I've found (and about half of the dealer charges). Perhaps because I am such a regular customer, Charlie has often checked out my Jeeps on just a moments notice (like, driving in without calling), and on a few occasions, even fixed the problem then and there, no waiting. If you wanted a high milage vehicle without repairs, a Jeep is the wrong thing to buy. If you want a Jeep, and want the repairs to be reasonably priced, Charlie, at Jeeperformance, in the Pacifica Center on Hampton between Sante Fe and Federal, would be a great mechanic to have. And honest, I am in no way related to or financially dependant upon Charlie (although he may be financially secure by the time the Jeeps get to 500,000 miles!)
May 10, 2010
Charlie is the only mechanic I have ever met that I trust completely. He has saved me a lot of money both in regards to repairs and also in advice regarding possible upgrades. Hands down, the best mechanic in Denver.
Nov 03, 2000
Charlie really blew me away with his honesty the first time we had him work on our Cherokee. Being car crazy myself and having above avg mechanical skills (but no current facilities to work in) I made a quick self diagnosis & gave Charlie the ok to replace what I thought was wrong (if it could be done within a certain $ amt). When picking up the vehicle, Charlie explained that he had located the problem (not what I thought it was) and that it was ready to go. The cool part is that what he replaced was $300 less than the part I though I was gonna pay for (parts, labor & all)! How many other mechanics can you give yout wallet to & have them only take out what they really need? I highly recommend Charlie and Jeeperformance to anyone with a Jeep that needs attention with honesty.
May 10, 2010
I've owned a Jeep for 11 years I have gone to a number of places in the Denver area to get my Jeep serviced. I now go to Charlie Sprague exclusively for my standard work. I've found Charlie to always be honest about what he says and does. His estimates have always been very close and I've almost never had to return for any problem. When I have, it's been because he's said "I don't know for sure. I'd recommend doing this for this price and let's see if it works." His suggestions normally do work, too. Some things are out of his area of expertise, such as mufflers and speciality 4WD work, and then he'll say so and recommend a couple of other places. I've found that who he recommends have been allright, but I've not trusted them as I do Charlie. I do go to Jiffy Lube for oil change and lube work (every 5,000 miles), but, aside from that, I go to Charlie, first.
May 10, 2010
Charlie has been great! He has gone out of his way to accommodate my questions and seems to really know his stuff! He's not one of those creepy mechanics at all...clean, honest guy! I think his prices are quite fair and he's timely with his work! Thank goodness!
Feb 13, 2007
JEEP Owners.....PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING: GO SEE CHARLIE FOR ANYTHING!!!! I found Charlie at Jeeperformance on the website. I read the reviews and decided to call Charlie and talk to him and see if I got a good vibe--Good Vibe Confirmed!!!! My Jeep GC has always had horrible brakes. After the dealer did the TSB work without clearly explaining why the update was necessary to my wife, I decided to take over the situation and speak to the dorks at the dealership service counter. Ha, what a contradiction in terms..."service counter?" More like, "we'll charge you for this and that which obviously won't fix the problem. Charlie at Jeeperformance was clear, direct and explained the common problems and suggested replacing the front rotors with drilled and slotted rotors along with ceramic bake pads. Since I was able to get a deal on PowerSlot rotors and Hawk ceramic brake pads, I asked Charlie if he would be able to install the new parts. He said no problem. On Monday Feb 12, 2007 my Jeep world changed. Charlie's shop is small, but the service is big. He's all business and was completed with the job within half an hour. He even broke in the pads to the rotor for me. The price was more than reasonable. Honestly, I felt bad about the price...I wanted to give him more! The dealership would've probably charged my right arm and requested and left leg deposit for the work to be completed. Okay, enough about the dealership--this is all about Jeeperformance and Charlie. Like I said, Charlie's shop was a few miles further than the dealership, but the trip was worth it. Any future work on my Jeep GC will be done at Jeeperformance. Yes, oil changes, tire rotations, regular service check-ups will be made at Jeeperformance. He is ASE Certified and a true professional. I refuse to give the dealership any more money for unwarranted repairs. I'll support Charlie's boating interests...just kidding. To Click and Clack...I love you guys.
Jan 06, 2008
Each time I go to Jeeperformance, I'm amazed that Charlie is willing to check every item I ask about. He has an answer for all the items and is straightforward. I recently had my 75000 check up and the price was comparible to the dealership; however, with Charlie I KNOW that the work is actually being done. Sure, this shop isn't a honking huge dealership auto service center and that's exactly why I'll continue to go to Charlie and Jeeperformance. His costs for a modest shop ensure that the prices he charges are also modest. Oh, the dealership I used to go to just finished building a brand new super-duper shop and dealership. Guess who pays for that? Not me any longer. See for yourself...Charlie will knock your socks off and you Jeep will actually run like it should.
May 10, 2010
Charlie recently replaced my fuel pump for a price that was significantly cheaper than another car care center that I took my jeep to first. He did it in a timely manner and was very personable when I talked with him. If you need work done on your jeep, I highly recommend Charlie because he is honest and does good work.
Nov 07, 2011

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