Check Out the Short List of Vehicles for Tall People

Dear Car Talk:

Our 15-year-old grandson is 6 feet 5 inches and growing. He will be driving next year and is trying to find a car that will "fit" him. Any suggestions? -- Sharon

Something with a sunroof?

Off the top of my head -- no pun intended -- the vehicles we've driven recently with the most headroom have been pickup trucks, which are built with room for cowboy hats. The Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport also had good headroom, as did -- surprisingly -- the Subaru Forester, and the Nissan Leaf.

You might Google "best vehicles for tall people" to get some more ideas for your shopping list, Sharon. Look for at least 40 inches of headroom. If possible, look for a power seat with height adjustment. That way, he can lower it all the way down and make room for his bouffant. Depending on how Junior's parts fit together, legroom could be equally, if not more, important. So, look for 40-plus inches of front legroom, too.

And when you're done solving this problem for him, Sharon, your next letter should be to "Door Talk.

Dear Car Talk:

I read your column every week. Having been in pest control for 32 years, I'd like to comment on your article about rodents chewing on Toyota engine parts.

Having originated from Asia, rats have an instinct based on the bamboo they chewed there, because they often found water or insects inside. Because of this, they have an instinct to chew round things. It's quite common, from wires to hoses. I've seen the damage they can do.

My advice: Try not to store your vehicle outside. Make sure your garage door and any other entrances to your garage have less than a 1/4-inch gap to the ground.

And last, but most importantly, try not to store things on the floor of the garage against the walls. Keep things at least 9 inches off the ground -- on shelves if possible. That's their main hideout, and if they're exposed, they won't want to hang around. -- Dave

Thanks, Dave. I'm not up on my ancient rat history. But I am going right out to the garage now to move my emergency supply of cheddar cheese off the floor.

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