A Few More Options for the Reader Looking For a "Dog" Car

Two cute dogs inside a car

Dear Car Talk:

You should have added the Honda Fit as an option for that lady whose arthritic golden retriever can't jump up into her Yukon anymore.

The back seat lifts up and out of the way. Plus, it's only 15 inches from the ground to the doorsill.

It's affordable, too. Just make sure she remembers that the Fit doesn't have much ground clearance like her Yukon, so no off-roading! But I think the Fit could be the right fit for her "dog" car!

Fondly, Linda

Well, now you've presented me with an ethical dilemma, Linda. Do I have to split the check Honda sends me for this recommendation with you?

The Fit is not a bad idea. I leaned toward a minivan, because the sliding doors open so wide, and the back seats can come out completely, leaving a big, flat floor. The Fit's doors are much smaller, by comparison. But the Fit might be worth a look.

Dear Car Talk:

I have another suggestion for Holly, the older woman with the older dog that had trouble getting into her Yukon. You recommended a minivan, which is a good idea.

But if there's a perfect vehicle for her, I'd say it's a Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van. It's a great, small, easy-to-handle vehicle that's very low to the ground. The back is all flat, with a non-slip rubber type floor, and no seats to remove. And it gets good mileage with regular 87 octane.

One downside is that it just seats two people, but I would guess a woman or man in their late 70s isn't hauling groups of people very often.

It also has big sliding doors on both sides. Maybe you can pass this on to Holly. I think it would be perfect. I'm a guy in my late 60s with a black lab. -- Jan

Is this a dating site now, Jan?

You're right. The Transit Connect has all the advantages of a minivan but smaller and without any rear seats to get in the way.

It's a bit more -- shall we say -- barbaric than a minivan. It was designed as a small, bare bones delivery van. But for Holly's dedicated, dog-carrying purpose, it could be perfect.

Good idea.

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