Car Talk is Mourning the Loss of Dear Community Member

Jim Lucas of Advanced Automotive

Car Talk is mourning the loss of one of its dear community members. Jim Lucas was a contributor to many of the repair-related stories you may have read in recent years. He was an expert in all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance. Jim was a husband, son, friend, soon-to-be father, and the owner of a very successful business in Wilmington many in the Metro Boston community rely upon.

Jim leaves behind his beloved wife, Ali. Jim and Ali were excited to welcome their first baby girl later this month. Jim touched the lives of so many people. Those who knew Jim enjoyed his upbeat attitude, winning smile, and ability to play any song by ear on guitar or piano.

Advanced Automotive is a third-generation business Jim had run for many years. It is aptly named. Those who were fortunate to be one of the company’s customers could always count on Jim answering the phone. In our image, you can see Jim’s headset that he wore all day so that no call went unanswered. Jim would often speak to customers hands-free while working on a repair. Jim was an outstanding communicator who could describe a needed repair in three degrees of difficulty. He could clearly explain needed repairs in language that novice owners, backyard mechanics, or industry experts would understand.

Just this past month Jim helped Car Talk better understand a repair topic and went so far as to lay out parts for us to photograph and use in our publication.

Jim was a shining light to all who knew him. A Go Fund Me has been set up to help support Ali during this difficult time.

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