Car Talk Doubles Down on Podcasting

There will soon be twice as many opportunities to laugh at other people’s car problems, according to NPR, which will begin distributing popular Best of Car Talk podcasts twice a week beginning October 1, 2021.

“The growth in the Car Talk podcast tells us that people want their bad car advice on demand now…on their own schedule,” said Doug Berman, longtime producer of the show. "This seems like a great time to turn over our radio slot to new and upcoming public radio programs, and to give Car Talk fans more to laugh at every week. Who doesn’t need a few more laughs now, right?"

Beginning in October, the Car Talk team will take listeners back to the early years of the series, and distribute edited versions of every show, in sequential order. The new, twice weekly podcasts will be about 35-40 minutes in length. “We’re taking out the worst stuff from each show, and leaving just the pretty bad stuff,” said co-host Ray Magliozzi. Each show will include a puzzler, a puzzler answer, some great calls, and plenty of Tom and Magliozzi’s famous, and often hilarious diversions.

In addition to delving into the podcast world, Car Talk has been expanding its digital presence. Starting in 2019, Car Talk launched a new, enhanced website, featuring helpful, comical, user-friendly content geared towards continuing to provide solid advice to the automotive world. “Car Talk has always been a trusted, honest voice in the automotive space. We plan to maintain this as we grow and expand, providing well-researched content that is helpful, honest and humorous to our dedicated readership as well as our new generation of fans,” said Julie Bausch, the Managing Editor of Car Talk.

“We’ve been listening to the early shows, in preparation for the October launch,” said Berman. “I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud listening to them. I’d forgotten how fresh and funny they are. Fans are in for a real treat.”


Tom and Ray Magliozzi

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