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Vintage red Corvette on road

Belt and Hoses Might Need Replacing

My question: Since the tires might have needed to be replaced due to age and not mileage, what about the belts and hoses in my engine? Is there a way ...

Smoke coming from car exhaust

Pros and Cons of Diesel Engines Have Changed

I don't understand why so many people buy diesel-powered cars and trucks. They are loud and emit horrible pollution compared with gas-powered vehicles ...

Old spark plug

Mind the Gap When Changing Spark Plugs

just changed the spark plugs and the coil bar on my 2014 Chevy Sonic. The engine starts, but won’t go over 3,000 rpms. Did I do something incorrectly ...

Filling car with gas

Is High Octane Gas Needed?

I have a turbo six-cylinder car that calls for 93 octane gasoline. If I were to hock my stepson and kick my dog until she ran away, I could finally af ...

Run down auto repair shop

20 Signs you Should Avoid a Garage

What's the absolutely worst thing you could imagine seeing when you bring your car in for service? Here are our deepest fears.

Pontiac Trans Sport

10 Cars for Social Distancing

A lot of us drive cars that others actually like, and wouldn’t mind being seen in. Here are 10 cars that are going to have others keeping their distan ...

Camel laughing

Bad Car Jokes

Need a laugh? Who doesn't. We can't promise these car puns and jokes will do the trick, but hey give it a shot.

Unicorn car

Questionable Car Mods

If your car is a reflection of your personality, we are pretty sure the owners of these cars have personality disorders.

Side view of frustrated stressed young mechanic man in white uniform touching his head with hands against car in open hood at the repair garage.

10 Used Car Warning Signs

Shopping for a used car? Great! There are plenty of good deals out there. If you're not careful, though, you can wind up with a car that'll pay for yo ...

pb4wego license plate

Our Plate Collection

Twitter was more of a challenge a few years ago when you had to come up with something funny in 140 characters. However, the real creative geniuses fi ...

Distracted driver talking on phone

10 Annoying Things Drivers Do

What things do other drivers do that annoy you most? Here's our top ten list. We're sure you won't recognize yourself in any of the items listed

toy car next to real car

Car That's Not Too Big or Small?

After 30 years in California, I will soon move back home to Maine to be near my aging parents. I'm not taking my 2010 VW GTI with me. Nice car, but in ...

Drive thru sign

Stalled in the Drive-thru

Hi. I have a 1989 Lincoln Town Car that sometimes cuts out when I give it very little gas -- like when I’m inching my way along a drive-thru line. Any ...

Close up on fruit fly

Fruit Flies All Over Truck

I am at my wits’ end with this. I have fruit flies all over the cabin of my 2012 GMC Sierra 1500. I never ever eat fruit to begin with, and I never al ...

Rusty old Vw

Ray Puts Rust Fears to Rest

How do I prevent the salt from settling in and doing its oxidizing worst to my pick-up beauty? And, is going to those fancy carwashes I see here suffi ...

Ray and Tom at the Shop

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