Toyota Camry

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General Comments
When I get to 45mhp it's vibration
All around no issues
Safety features.
This car is a lease. I got it for Toyota safety features. MPG is too low. I am averaging 27 mpg mixed usage. Makes all the positives down the toilet. Unacceptable.
Battery drains every 2 & 1/2 months.
My 2002 camry has 120,000 miles on it and runs fine except that the battery drains every 2 1/2 months. The battery is a year old so it's not a bad battery. A mechanic said it makes no sense and cannot figure out what is draining the battery. Could it be a faulty alternator? Any ideas?
It runs forever
There is a battery drain that I cannot find.
Can anyone help identify battery drain source?
Gas mileage
Cheaply made
When I start the car fumes are coming in under the drivers dash and giving me my kids headaches, metallic taste and burning eyes
Moderate maintenance costs.
I am going to have to replace it.
My major problem right now, is that the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, will not go out. Even diagnostics can't tell us, what is wrong.
price to maintain it
my abs and brake light keeps coming on and I don't know how fast I'm driving. Toyota says it doesn't have to be fixed but if I fix it the cost would be around $2,000 .
I need my car inspected and can't get it done with those lights on. Can the abs be disconnected safely.
That it is still running.
A/C not working again.
Easy to drive and park.
brake rotors have a high pitched ring when you back up in the morning, pull through a drive through real slow turning the wheel.
Its a smooth ride and easy to use car, but it is high maintenance, burns through oil super fast.
You have to constantly check the oil level or you'll end up with a cracked radiator and a blown gasket. Expensive to repair, not worth it.
Dependable, rides smoothly, comfortable.
nothing is bad
easy to work on
seat belts
how to adjust the timing
Dependability: it has 205,000 miles. My husband does excellent maintenance for me.
Could be this My Question: Is there a way water can get in the gas tank from somewhere in this car? Drove 94 mi, filled, in six blks started cutting out, mech. showed water
Help me know if water can get in the gas tank from within the car? I have bottle from drained tank. Gas Dealer said no one else complained & their test showed no problems.
Having a problem with dramatically decreasing gas mileage. And now the gas guage is stuck on full, even though I know it's not full!
What do I do about the gas guage?
Leaks when it rains
When it rains the floor behind passenger side fills with water. Has to be vacuumed out. No one can determine the source of leakage. The usual culprits have been explored and "fixed" - not Fixed!
GPS Navigation hard to understand.
the dealer told me I needed to change my break and power steering fluid, they said it will cost 282.00 dollars. dose that sound right .it don't to me thanks.
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