Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

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General Comments
panoramic sunroofs
love it for towing our RV
Lucas electrics
With over 223,000 miles and traveled thru snow up to its door's hard to beat...except for all the little electric problems ...which I fixed one at a time.
It's built like a tank.
Miles per gallon
My Discovery II HSE has 110k miles on it and still looks and runs like new. Yes, I like to tinker and I am proactive on service.
The look you get from Jeep owners when you pass them in the mud
They don't offer the TD5 stateside
I know I know, it's a total nightmare under the hood. BMW components with British parts and the list goes one. It's always been my favorite and most likely always will. I'm on my 2nd Discovery (1st one was traded in for a TDI) and now I have a 2nd one, same year, same model along side the TDI. If they had a TD5 version in the states that would just sweeten this car even more.
Old Land Rover live axle design.
Mechanical failures. Land Rover always comes in last when it comes to reliability surveys from JD Power and Consumer Reports. Speaking for myself, I have had way more than m
Unlike Jeep, you cannot get a "lifetime" warranty on Land Rover vehicles. Private warranty companies offer limited coverage for SOME mechanicals for Land Rovers and at extremely high cost. Land Rover makes really capable vehicles, but they do not stand behind their product, nor do they really care to improve reliability (last or 2nd to last in JD Power reliability studies from 2002-2010). If you want a Rover you will pay big bucks up front, and Land Rover will make sure the gravy train does not stop once you purchase the vehicle; just like the Energizer bunny commercial, but for Land Rover customers it goes something like "they keep paying, and paying, and paying...." and it is the truth. had a nice tire cover over the spare.
With 60,000 miles I had over $4000 in repairs. Completely unacceptable. Everything that could leak, did leak. Rear main seal, valve covers, oil pan a few times, driveshaft b
Yep, that spare tire cover with the lion on it was probably the best thing about this heap. Once it got heavy into the repairs, I sold it as fast as I could. An expensive lesson learned.
Two years with nothing more than oil changes.
Prob the milage.
I love that I sit up high, that it's made of METAL, that it's strong, dependable and durable. Ice and snow are more easliy tolerated than in my Firebird. I've figured out it's quirks and have incorporated them into my life in such a way that taking care of it is almost second nature--like flossing or measuring my daily allotment of flaxseed! LOL
Where do I begin? Rugged yet Refined. Very attractive exterior design, awesome headlights, A commanding view of the road, The steering wheel is very comfortable, load space en
As much as I hate to say it, the car does have some faults. Gas mileage isn't that great; though the rear is comfortable when you are inside, access is tight. It has a rather
In case you haven't been able to tell, I looovvveee this car. I don't really know why. Its been that way for as long as I can remember. I am 16 and having it as first car is fantastic. It is great in so many ways and not so great in so few ways. Tom and Ray, I know it's not your cup of tea, but for me it's a love that will never die.
saved my life in an accident
gas mileage
if you take care of this car, it will run forever. craftsmanship is excellent.
Off Road capability combined with comfort and luxury (while offroad).
Gas Mileage, and maintenance. Could be more reliable.
I bought the car because no other comfort car had the capbility in the mountains. This vehicle is amazing offroad, but now in 2008, there are more vehicles with great offroad performance.
Looks great, is comfortable and very solid when it is running.
Some very nasty and expensive repairs, which were out of the ordinary.
It is a shame that Land Rover can not do a better job with some of the basic mechanics and electronics. I've already had one engine re-build due to a leaky engine gasket, total replacement of spark plug electronics and possibly new sensor and computer chip. These repairs will run over $10K. This is really absurd for a car which cost me about $45K new. It has less than 90K miles and really should not be having these types of problems. FYI the gas mileage is really as bad as they say. Otherwise the car is excellent. Land Rover needs to wake up and smell the roses. I'm going back to Jeeps. Had two and next car will be the third.
Driving. Also fitting stuff in it.
Why does everyone slagg it off. Ours has onlly broken twice!?
handles very well...sticks to road
This is a great car, but it's quirky! It has manual trans, so it gets relatively decent mileage..17 or better,rides great, handles great..terrific in snow..but....quirky!!
It goes anywhere with a sense of total safety.
The poor gas mileage and expensive maintenance.
A head gasket failed at about 74k miles after the end of the factory warranty. The extended warranty I had covered about half of the total bill.
Powertrain capabilities
Reliability of small things/accessories
After getting in a horible crash with my 1999 Disco II . It's a TANK ! . Someone pulled out in front of me in the Chevy Work van , and i riped the front off that thing. All i
Well This one was take care off by a Idiot mechanic. The power stering pump was bolted to tight killing thr gasket. THe windsheld was replace so the passanger get's went when
It's a love and hate relationship . I do all the work my self , cause i don't tryst ANY mechanic out there . I've pulled the mottor out of the 99 disco to redo all the gaskets ( PITA to do that ) . I replaced the ABS sencor ( just the sencor , but bealer wanted to chage the whole hub , Uhmm NO ) . I Drove my 99 Disco from CT to GA , and when driving at 90mph i averaged 18mpg , but driving at 75mph i average 16.5-17mpg . I put on about 50k miles on my 99 and then it died it a crash that people thougt I was dead too. That's why i got my self a 2000 one for 1/2 price of what i paid for my 99 . I drive it everyday to work and camping in VT on weekends. I feal safe in it , and the towing capacity is good enath for me to tow my 1990 Talon TSi AWD ( race car for the street use ;) )
I love it's ability to go anywhere, anytime, without you having to worry if the terrain is too rough and tumble.
Apart from the gas mileage, I would have to say the cost of reapirs.
The Lnad Rover name and the stability.
Gas mileage & maintenance costs.
I bought this vehicle used from a LR dealer for about half the original cost, with ~35K miles. I live in Colorado, and the combination of very good off-road capabilities (with good tires, not highway-only tires) and luxury ride the rest of the time is worth the gas costs (premium, about 17 mpg). And I like getting an LR3 or a Jaguar as a loaner :-)
It's offroad abilities and interior room.
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