Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent

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General Comments
It's paid for.
I'm 5'2" and when I drive this car, I feel like I'm sitting in a bucket. The driver's side window frame makes the entire left side one giant blind spot.
This car is why everyone who will drive it must test drive. I had a bad respiratory infection when our old car died, so hubs bought it alone. It's terrible for a short driver - the window frame makes the left blindspot huge, window bottom is top of my shoulder and being 2 door makes the back useless for anyone bigger than me. Older friends even have trouble getting in and out front passenger seat.
It's economical.
It's like driving a tricycle.
It's a good car.
i need injectors resistance reading with multi meterwhat reading indicate bad injector
Excellent fuel mileage
Road noise
Reliability at a low price
I should have gotten the "sport" model for better brakes, suspension, handling
This car strikes a good balance of functionality and fun. I adore the seat design and fabric. Interior is not too flashy. Everything I need, except phone/mp3 connector.
Gas mileage and 4 doors make it a great commuter car on a budget.
In high winds you can feel it, and you sometimes have to gun the motor to get up very steep hills.
Originally I wanted to purchase a different used car, but I'm glad I got this one instead. Perfect for long drives to work, has great cargo space, and runs nicely in bad weather for a small car. I'm glad to have it!
It's relatively inexpensive.
Road noise.
I bought this car used from a dealer. It had 45K miles on it and came with a dint above the left rear wheel well. It has standard transmission, 5 speed, with no anti-lock breaks or door lock systems. It also has Armstrong windows. It came with no factory installed radio, but it does have factory installed Blue Tooth, which works extremely well with my iPhone. Gas mileage is poor, with around 28MPG highway, and around 20MPG city. I only use it for short trips around town.
Rust spot on rear fender. Had a rust spot on 02 Elantra too.
The Accent is a great little car. Much roomier than the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. Decent mileage (30+ highway, high 20's city), altho' i'd hoped for better.
few repairs
timing chain
not mileage as promised or even close-and this is why I bought it.I know not to believe sticker but this was a bad lie.Also surprised I was supposet to know that the timing chain needed maintenance and I was stuck for 4-5 weeks no car and 1000.00 + in expenses.
its durability and 10-year/100,000 mile warranty
the dealerships I've had terrible experiences with for repair - I will never buy another Hyundai again!
not only will I never buy another Hyundai again, I've concluded that I will never buy another new car again period! my experience with two different Hyundai dealerships has been THAT BAD!!!
40+ mpg
NO NORMAL SPARE Stupid chemical inflation and leak fixer.
Runs well, handles very well, quiet, like the blue tooth
Quiet for a small car- greate handling.
Automatic- manual wasn't available on the lot at the time.
IT's actually a 2013 with 25K miles but the survey won't let me pick 2013. SE pkg with nice wheels and nice trim. Stereo and Bluetooth works great. 6speed auto is great, for an autobox. Cargo space a little hampered by the high lift-in height and the hatch shape (seems standard practice for small hatches nowadays). Averaged 33mpg during 25K miles. I think a manual would have done better. Electric power steering feels well calibrated and not over-boosted. Good road feel. Traction control cuts in too abrubtly during snow events, but you can turn it off with a switch. No service required other than oil changes and a flat repair that was the driver's fault.
Every damn thing works all the time like it's supposed to.
Overactive Engine and tire pressure warning lights.
I bought a 2005 Hyundai when my Ford Aerostar could not be repaired because Ford stopped making parts for it. I thought the 2005 was great, but '10 is like they fixed every little thing that bugged me about the '05. I should mention both these cars had 5 speed manuals
It runs, currently
Radio often goes in and out. Everything is plastic and breaks. Headlights leak moisture. Bumper clips snapped off. Gas mileage is a lie.
I have the 2 door Hatchback. I love the lines of this car. It is a work of art.
I now wish I had spent another $1,000 on this car and the power windows, locks, and better stereo.
This is a great car. There is nothing wrong with it. In a few months plan on trading it in on a new one. This time one with power windows, locks, a better stereo, and maybe an automatic.
Good gas mileage.
Backseat is cramped.
Zippy and fun to drive, especially with the iPod connected. It has surprisingly good sound. This is really a girl's car because everything is small and cute. I can't imagine a linebacker dude driving this around town. The car has an excellent view of the road, which I really like. This is the first foreign car I've ever owned even though I've been driving for 40 years. My Accent GLS is Ice Blue, or the jersey colors my Tampa Bay Rays wear for Sunday home games. Yes, my car has Rays stickers and a license plate holder... Go Rays!
Gas mileage has over-performed beyond sticker.
Noisy inside, especially when hatch cover panel is removed. (And to use car-seat latch system correctly, the panel must be removed.)
Manual transmission performance is excellent. Clutch has lasted and lasted and lasted. Paint not so much, especially on vinyl parts like side mirrors and front bumpers.
Build quality
Very bumpy on rough roads
The day I bought it on the way home I heard the news story about hyundai overestimating the gas mileage..I bought it over the honda because of the 3 MPG difference..ooops
Mainly during the warmer seasons something in the engine or transmission causes the transmission to stay in 3rd gear.
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