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Just the way it drives
The rust but its been put through hell
Its a 2003 f150 harley davidson it has over 300,000,000 miles on it and it still runs like a dream i have to get some stuff fixed but i love it bc it was a storm chasing truck and i would of died in one if the storm was bigger it means the world to me im only 16 and my first truck my plan is to rebuild everything on it and make it like brand new keep it for showes bc of how old it is
versatility. You can tow, haul, commute, off road. Its good at everything
I have a 4x4 with pulse vacuum hubs and they never fully disengage.
Has 130,000 miles on it when I got it a few month ago, just now replacing the ball joints and doing a full tune-up.
I’m pleased with 2.5 engine performance and mileage.
Driver’s seat/opening is too narrow. Knees hit both sides in my drive comfort zone. Didn’t bother me at first, but does get old.
I get 28 mpg combined, verified by fill up calculations on my 2.5. I prefer the non turbo, complicated engines. Holding up well at 60k so far. Everything is still working great.
The way it rided and drives. Nice amd smoorh
I jusy need to know how many watts is supposed to go in the starter and how many comes out. And what should the draw be
4 wheel drive
PTU -- power transfer unit . known design issue. Expensive to fix. Seems to be many issues with these across Ford models.
I bought this because I needed 4 wheel drive and Car Talk and others had said that it was reliable. I got rid of it due to expense of repairs required and was very unhappy with the reliability. I will not be buying another Ford.
??? nothing
Transmission went three times, air conditioning and radio went out - with only 35k miles. Suspension system replaced 2x by Ford, less the 12k miles - horrible car.
It was the worst car I ever owned, made even more awful by Ford's terrible customer service. I swore that i would never buy another Ford again after the experience I had with the car, the dealership and Ford's main customer service. The suspension system (springs or struts-I can't remember) had to be replaced and with less than 12k miles on the car, all low key city driving, I was told they had to be replaced again but because the warranty had expired by a week, they wouldn't honor it.
A luxurious devil of a car.
Ford MyTouch interface is SLOW.
Bought it new; now with 119,000 miles. The regular 12-volt battery has now failed twice- don't know why, but it happened. Premium stereo/SEL trim is awesome- very quiet and stout little car! but- the 2013 had door "creaking" issues. Mine spent 21 days in the shop trying to repair - no luck. But it was only noticeable at very low speeds. Very reliable otherwise, only had a couple minor recalls done; no brake work needed; very comfy on long drives and is a very underrated vehicle IMHO.
Starter won’t engage with key. Replaced switch under column and key switch. Can short out starter and it turns over. Will start if primed until runs out of gas. Has fuel at rail but not at throttle body.
It’s reliable. Good when running
When it breaks down
The cars alternator terminals and harness with a brown cylinder shape piece that mounts in the back of the ignition has been replaced the car won’t jumpstart anymore I put the key in the ignition turn the key over completely and it won’t start or crank unless you are the start celnoid hold key over if you let go of the key and turn it it doesn’t crank or anything why I need help.
Great gas mileage
It’s not really fast but Im not in that big of a hurry
I drive about 200 miles a day so I know this car very well. It’s reliable, it’s comfortable, and the gas mileage is great. It has a hum all the time but when it rains it goes away and another noise happens intermediately. The intermediate noise isn’t all the time but only for a short time. It never drives any different.
it does look nice.
I do have trouble with the car will not heat very well, but the minute you start it up it runs very high, I sit for a while,still high. driving any where it run high all the time.
Good on gas
Cant get it to crank
I put a new fuel pump and getting 35 PSI to my fuel rail and getting far and we'll not crank it does turnover
Its a truck
Cant keep it running
I need help to keep it running
Low miles
Ford lol
car won't start front strut driver side blew out went through Tire cause front car to hit the ground and it messed up fuel pump up so the fuel pump will not work so I put a new fuel pump in it works but I have to spray starter fluid once I spray starter fluid car will stay running bright idles rough
Comfort and mileage 25 mpg
Exhaust leakage inside car & dealer service
I took the car in for extended warranty service at 50k moles (oil change, rotate tires, top off fluids. Drove five miles, engin light came on, grinding noises, then car stopped. Checked oil and found none in the engine — stick was completely dry. Towed to dealership, which, in sequence, 1) “our tech forgot to add oil, haha” 2) “we added oil &it sems fine now” 3) “Um, the car may need some work” 4) “We admit resposibility. Do I let them replace engine or demand a replacement car.
Rides like tank.
Can it ride smoother, like Chrysler minivans?
If using e85 good for short trip or helps save litter money.
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