Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler Town & Country

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General Comments
Comfortable ride.
Gas mileage
Fully loaded
A lot of repairs this year
Getting old
Trying to keep it on the road for at least two more years so I can get man-child #3 through college
My 2010 Chrysler Town & Country is stuck in 2nd gear It does not switch gears
space for the family
keeps going dead and Chrysler can't figure out why
very comfortable for travel
stow away seats
the problem i'am having
with no pattern when going to start it just clicks each time you turn the key try it a few times and it runs great when it acts up everything works except the click when it well not start does not do this on any regular basis no pattern does not do it for a while then it does it then not again for some time might be weeks inbetwin it acting up had it to the shop no code shows the computer was re programed by Chrysler any ideas
Durability, comfort etc.
With only 65,000 miles on the car I can't get it to pas CA. smog tests,...14 of them!! The Chrysler offers only $200. as a trade in after failing to find/fix the problem.
Chrysler dealer and Star :Experts" in Detroit have given up on fixing my smog problem.
You can relax at the back seat, or sleep.
cvoolant system
back seat
it rides nice
has to many fancy extras on it to go wrong
I bought a 2002 Chyrs. Town & Country from a car lot. I found out who the previous owner was and he told me that the mileage was turned back 80,000 miles, is it possible to reduce the mileage on a vehicle?
Space, can fit easy many MTB bikes full size inside the car.
Reliability, it seems always something brakes. The frame around door is braking....wut?
It's like lottery ticket, sometimes you get lucky, but most of the time you loose. But it's lottery can't win them all.
Guzzles oil
It's more car than we really need.
Room and comfort. Oh, wait. That's two, isn't it? Choose either.
Little things go wrong, nickel and dime stuff.
It's big and roomy, reasonably economical, but guzzles oil.
has all the bells and whistles. Excellent for handicapped people.
needs power steering fluid too often.
Rear sighting of traffic is difficult. Right now I am having problem with brakes I think. Only on backing up I get the sound like I'm going over a cattle guard when turning wheel.
how versatile it is
explaining why you like a mini-van
best all around vehicle ever
Seats in the back fold down flat. Make it easy to use the storage area. Seat are very easy to fold and unfold.
It has 60,000 mi. and is using (not burning or leaking) 1 qt per 1,000 mi. Dealer says that is normal. Sounds crazy to use that much oil.
Aside from the oil consumption, I like the car.
A reliable vehicle. Multifunctional uses from 7 people to hauling furniture & everything in between.
My first T&C was 1996. This is my second and it hasn't disappointed me.
We have 6 cars from a '59 MGA to an '85 Porsche 911 and if we had to sell all but one car the T & C would be the last car standing.
Image. I don't know why folks think SUV's are cooler -- our T & C does everything better than an SUV -- but the image is there.
This is our 7th Chrysler minivan -- '84, '88. '91, '98, '01,'. 06, '12 -- only one serious prob. -- trans. in the '98.
Intermittent electrical problems
Current problem?..initially starts (2-3 seconds) and then dies. After an hour (or day) or two, it starts & runs ok..for awhile.
all the bells and grandson loves the DVD player
gas milage
Nice on lomg trips.
Gas mileage is equal to a much larger 4WD SUV.
12.5 mpg around town is unacceptable! This van also uses 3 quarts of oil between changes!
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