Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

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General Comments
Has performed well. No unusual breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. Maintenance has been reasonable.
Low profile in a big city means nobody sees it well and they leave nasty dents and dings, especially in the front. and without leaving their insurance info, of course
You don't see one everyday
Short leg room and little foot room on pedals. I drive it barefooted
Value of the car could be a lot better for what it is. It is not a 1990 Miata, I have one of those too. I guess you could say the Alfa has an Italian feel and the Miata feels Japanese. Miata is snappy the Alfa is more of a touring type car.
it is uncommon
need a set of tools always handy
I love this car! They are quirky and need to a lot of maintenance (like daily). constantly expecting something to go wrong. but beautiful to look at and a blast to drive a slow car fast.
Cruising with the top down!
It's not very reliable, although it's never stranded me!
I taught one of my friends to drive stick in this car, and he was constantly amused by how many people were looking at us as we drove by. Love it!
The way that it makes you feel when you cruise around with the top down and your significant other in the passenger seat.
Repairs can be pricey and parts hard to find.
I was thinking about buying an old British roadster (MGB or Triumph) and test drove several examples, but I hadn't found one that I really loved. After looking around on Craigslist I decided to test drive the Alfa on a whim. And I fell in love. Three years later, I still get a thrill from driving around in my car, and despite several thousand dollars worth of repairs I don't regret buying it at all. There's nothing like taking it out on a rare sunny Seattle day with my girlfriend in the passenger seat and just driving.
Can't input year. Iza 1967 Spyder Duetto. Best is izza SEXY looking car.
High maintance but ya gotta love it !!!
Bought it new in Germany. Have owned it for 42 years. I waz in Germany for 3 years. Drove it on the autobaun and on Grand Prix track. Sez 138 mph on spedo but clocked at real 124 mph. Not bad for 1570 cc !
Excellent around town mileage (32-34 mpg) consistently.
Not many mechanics in the Nashville TN area I would trust to work on it. Fortunately I have found one whose work I trust and who are knowledgable.
Preventative maintenance is essential for an Alfa. They have strong engines and transmissions, are manueverable in town, and get great mileage in town. But, they are small cars with only driver's airbag and seat belts for safety. Factory radios are questionable.
It's fun to drive.
It's a 20 year old car, so there are bound to be things breaking. As of me writing this, the little plastic piece that holds my visor in place is broken, two little snaps that
It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of machinery, and there is not a single car out there that is as much fun for the money.
On beautiful sunny autumn days: We drop the top, cruise through the countryside, listening to the meoldious sounds of whumpfh..whumpfh..whumpfh as I down shift around loping c
Having our mechanics work number, cell number and home number in my cell phone's speed dial.
Its Italian...its always something! What more can I say. Go into this purchase understanding that this car is like a relationship: You're going to have good days and bad; its going to be a lot of emotional work, including lots of tears...(ladies, you too). Just remember why you fell in love. PS you can fit 8 cases (96 bottles) of wine in the trunk!
The way it drives.
Low hood makes me nervous when I have park curbside.
I'm the original owner, and after 19 years, I still love this car!
Looks as good as it handles.
parts parts parts parts. Impossible to find and they all cost a million dollars
So beautiful, a blast to drive and a swift pain in my checkbook. But worth every penny!
Just brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. That's the definition of a true open top sports car.
I think someone on the internet said it best with his email sig. "Driving my Alfa is ecstasy. If everything worked it would be fanatasy". Just a multitude of small niggles.
This is my 5th Alfa. They are a disease but you can't help liking them. My 1988 has funky passive seatbelts that were only on that year. And a few other quirks besides. Mechanically Alfas always seem to be unburstable. I've had my spider 6 years now and it's never stranded me anywhere. I have rebuilt the transmission (the 2nd gear syncros are weak) and changed out both the master and slave clutch cylinders but not a whole lot else. The suspension is a little tired and is next on my list to be replaced. I own a 2004 WRX too but always find myself driving the Alfa to work most days. I'm lucky to be in SoCal and get the weather to enjoy top down motoring almost all year.
An engineering work of art
The driving position, arms extended but knees on either side of the steering wheel
Ist a great car, of course, I may have sold it a few years ago if my wife hadn't stopped me. I was having trouble making it run right and I'm too cheap to spend money recklessly. I did not know a good mechanic at the time and i tried to fix it myself. I finally broke down found a good mechanic and now it runs like a dream! I looks great and is still fun to drive. Also, it only has two seats, so I get to esacape occassionaly without all the family.
Very much, its fun to drive and even fun to work on
It's a blast.
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