Nationwide United Auto Transport Review

Nationwide United Auto Transport was established in 2003 and has grown into a vehicle transport company with customer ratings topping the industry. Based in California, Nationwide United Auto Transport serves permanent and seasonally relocating individuals, private car collectors and businesses in all 50 contiguous U.S. states as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Services include general car shipping, enclosed car shipping, oversized vehicle transport, RV transport and more.

Pros and Cons

  • Among the highest ratings in the industry for customer service
  • Wide range of offerings
  • Open or closed transport
  • Insurance is included in pricing
  • May not be the least expensive option

About Nationwide United Auto Transport

We spoke directly with Nationwide United Auto Transport and asked the company’s representative what makes them special. In the company’s own opinion it is the choice for those who want to ship a car, truck, motorcycle, or trailer and want the best experience possible. Nationwide United Auto Transport’s representative told us that although a lower price for similar service may exist, they pride themselves on delivering exactly what is promised and providing a positive experience to every customer they serve.

Nationwide will ship you anything that can fit safely inside of their open or closed trucks. That includes motorcycles, trucks, cars, classic cars, trailers and similar things. What’s off the list? Mobile homes and things that are wider than 8.5 feet or taller than 13 feet.

How Does Nationwide United Auto Transport Work?

Shipping with Nationwide United Auto Transport starts with a phone call. You tell the customer service representative what you want to ship and when. The agent will offer you some suggestions. For example, it is always less expensive to ship from one of a shipper’s local hubs and pick up at a local hub than to ship from door to door.

The quoted price that you receive is limited to a time window. Normally, that is 30 days. However, at the time of our call, the unprecedented price spikes for fuel have resulted in that time window being a bit tighter. You can also call ahead to check your actual cost just prior to shipping. Fuel is the most meaningful cost when shipping and prices have risen dramatically in just a matter of days due to global unrest.

Nationwide United Auto Transport will also give you some tips about what you can and cannot pack into your vehicle being transported or on a trailer you wish to have transported. It’s all common sense stuff. You can’t pack a trailer over 80% of its gross vehicle weight, for instance. If you ship enclosed you can fill the trunk and passenger space within reason. The vehicle needs to be drivable. If you ship using an external vehicle carrier, you need to limit your stuff to below the window lines.

How to Get a Quote From Nationwide United Auto Transport

To get a quote from Nationwide United Auto Transport, just pick up the phone (800-311-8305). We did, and the agent picked up on the second ring. Brian was articulate, helpful and he offered us very sound advice. We found Nationwide United Auto Transport easy to reach and easy to understand when we spoke to their customer service team.

Nationwide United Auto Transport Prices and Fees

We spoke to Nationwide United Auto Transport and obtained some example prices for the purposes of this article. These are estimates that will vary based on time of year and other factors. One important factor will be fuel costs. At the time of our writing this article, prices had spiked due to global unrest.

We chose a 2015 Toyota RAV4 as our example vehicle and the type of transport was open truck. These are prices based on you taking the vehicle to Nationwide United Auto Transport’s local drop off for shipping and then picking it up at the local pick up spot. You will pay more for a closed truck and if you want door to door service. Please let us reemphasize that these are example prices. The reason the Hawaii and Alaska prices have a range is that to transport using a ship requires a more formal quote process and is not instant on the phone.

FromTo This LocationEstimated Cost

United Auto Transport Insurance

Included in Nationwide United Auto Transport’s price quote is insurance against mishaps and damage during the transportation process. Open trailers have a $75,000 limit and closed trailers have a $250,000 limit. If your vehicle has a value greater than that, it would be wise to speak to your insurer and determine how best to protect your property.

One tip Nationwide offered was to always take multiple images of your vehicle prior to loading it onto the carrier. This helps in the event that damage does occur. If your car is special and you want to prevent it from being soiled by road stones and bad weather, consider shipping it in an enclosed trailer at a higher cost.

Nationwide United Auto Transport Reviews

Nationwide United Auto Transport earns an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2020. There are only a couple dozen reviews on BBB for this shipper, but all of them are 5-stars. One we found was typical of the reviews there was from Peter S., and it reads in part, “I had nationwide auto transport move my classic 73 dodge custom charger. I was very nervous about the whole thing. I never used a car transport before and my charger is very dear to me. I'm here to tell you they did an incredible job. From the price quote to the delivery. Truck crew was curious and respectful. I have not done a review on anything ever before. I'm not the type. But these folks deserve 6 stars out of 5.”

On Yelp, Nationwide United Auto Transport earns a 4.5 score and the accolades are very similar. Marisa from California posted in part, “This was a great experience from start to finish. From regular, consistent communication with the company, to good experience with dispatch, to phenomenal service with the driver. These folks are professional, and it shows. Highly recommend, and would book again. Thank you!”

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Is Nationwide United Auto Transport Legit?

More than legit, Nationwide United Auto Transport has some of the highest ratings in the vehicle shipping industry. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

How much does it cost to ship a car across the United States?

Fuel price spikes have changed the cost structure of auto shipping. Our example prices obtained from highly-rated Nationwide United Auto Transport show that a budget of $1,200 to $1,500 is now the norm.

Can you ship a car with stuff in it?

We asked Nationwide United Auto Transport if one can ship a car with cargo in the trunk and passenger compartment and were informed that yes, you can. There are limits however. The cargo cannot be above the glass line of the vehicle. Trailers must be packed to less than 80% of maximum rating.

How can I ship my car to Florida?

Season “snowbird” auto transport is a big part of the auto shipping industry. Check out Car Talk’s list of high-rated shipping companies for ideas and to compare prices. Ask your neighbors which carrier they worked with and if the service met their expectations.

How can I protect my car when I ship it?

We asked Nationwide United Auto Transport how one can best protect a car when shipping it. The company suggests taking photos before loading the vehicle onto the trailer and to be certain that any shipper you work with includes insurance coverage. If your car is special, consider the higher cost of shipping in an enclosed carrier.

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